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#우리은혁이생일# Happy Birthday Lee Hyukjae♥ 

Before debut, and after, we always felt desperate. We don’t want this situation to end. When we go overseas to perform, we gather in Teuk hyung’s room. Even if we have nothing to say, we say “We don’t have much time left. How many times do you think we’ll gather?” and talk all night long, saying “let’s be together for a long time!” - EH.


Happy Birthday Nova °˖✧◝( ⁰▿⁰ )◜✧˖°

You’re such an amazing person and a really great friend. You have achieved so much and you continue to achieve more and more each and every single day. I’m so very proud of you and I’m so glad to be your friend. Have an amazing birthday with lots and lots of yummy cakes. If I could, I would send you Yesung wrapped up like a gift with a big red ribbon tied around him but I can’t because that’s illegal and I don’t think he would be very happy if I did that~ ANYWAY.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR DEAREST NOVA!!! You’re just so wonderful and I love you~ Do you feel old yet? /gives you 20 very light punches.



Eunhyuk wants to show Kyuhyun his confetti, Yesung says no.

henry creeping(・□・)

yesung's expressions in 50 Million Big Questions p.1 ( ^∇^)/

yesung's expressions in 50 Million Big Questions p.2 ( ^∇^)/

120116 DHT I should sleep while listening to As One Only U^^ Good Night !!^^

120116 SWT

120116 YST these are the items which required on the stage ^^ 01


Naega saranghan SBS~
Naega saranghan SBS~